Instructor: Chef Chris Holen

Chris Holen is an American Professional Chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur.
Chris is a graduate of The Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona with degrees in both Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. Since the year 2000 he has been self-employed, along with his wife Jennifer in the restaurant business owning and operating a number of establishments.

Chris is an entrepreneur and keeps his hands in a number of projects to diversify his business and personal brand. Chef Daddy Brands (chefdaddybrands.com) is a culinary sea salt business that offers a variety of blended sea salts intended to enhance the already existing flavors of food.

Chris’s most recent food and travel passion project is Chef Outta Water. What started as a simple desire to get out of his own kitchen to gain more knowledge has become a World-wide exchange program that takes Chefs out of their comfort zones to work with and learn from others. Chef Outta Water is a ‘global partnership’ between chefs and is facilitated by Chris and his Australian business partners. The partners are professionals in the economic development space and when combined with Chris’s experience in food and beverage has made for a clever marriage.


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